Instruction for use

Using MBR Protector is very simple and intuitive.

After downloading and installing the program, launch MBR Protector on the desktop..

The program lists information about the scanned local drive in the Protecting Status tab located in “Hard Drive Information”.
The “Protected MBR Information” section contains information about the status of the MBR sector and the protection status of the local unit. MBR Protection in real time can be suspended while suspended MBR is not protected against overwriting. If the sector is overwritten, the program restores it when the MBR protection is enabled. The Information on the status of repairs are recorded in the “Result Log Information”. 

The information about running modules are in the Control tab in the section “Program Services Information”. In the “AutoUpdate MBR Protector” section it is possible to set the automatic program update. The current MBA sector content is listed in the “MBR Content Information” window. 



MBR Protector components 


MBR Protector implements the following modules in the system:



Information about MBR Protector in logs:




PopUp notifications 

Notifications displayed in the taskbar


 This notification program shows in case the updates are avaliable.


This notification program shows in case the MBR is overwriten and the program can not repair the MBR - repairing failed.


This notification program shows in case the MBR is overwriten and the program can repair the MBR - repairing was successful.